Asia (wreathdoll) wrote in magneticpoetry,

First post here.

It's very much a work-in-progress, though, as I've literally only just typed it! Any feedback, glad of it.
It's about a good friend of mine.

MINDCURVE (1st draft)

A reasonable man always has his reasons,
That stands to
And logic dictates,
You say
(whilst dictating)
Encrusted wisdom pearls,
before the swines who barely know you.

Helpless when you laugh,
helpful when you frown,
Dashing for the purpose
to the other side of town
(you really should slow down
and catch your breath)
but you never do,
Do you?

I see myself in distance,
From, above, beyond,
Marked against resistance
to charming vagabonds
(like you
but not you),
and count myself included
in the very happy few.

A.M. 2006.

(Crossposted to my own lj)
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